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Leaving a Unique Legacy | Legacy 1 Speaker

What’s your legacy? The Oxford Dictionary defines legacy as “…the long-lasting impact of particular events, actions, etc. that took place in the past, or of a person’s life.”

While some people equate a legacy to its other historical description: money, we look at it as something of substance that lasts a millennium and can be given to generations of family and friends not only as a reminder of who you were but also something that makes a positive daily impact in their lives.

As we begin design work on our 2023 Custom Furniture Collection, here’s some background on our inspiration.

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Spectacular Smith Legacy 1 Speaker
Spectacular Smith
Legacy 1 Speaker  |  Concept 1

Jekyll Rising | Custom Furniture Collection

England’s Gertrude Jekyll left a legacy as one of the world’s foremost garden designers, photographers, writers, and businesswomen.


Jekyll meets Salvador Dalí | Inspiration for our Legacy 1 speakers

Both Jekyll and Dalí left the world with long-lasting artistic legacies. The aesthetic inspiration and overall concept for our Legacy 1 Speaker is the question: What if Jekyll and Dalí designed a speaker? What would it look like? What would it sound like? What tools and systems would they need to use to craft something of value?


Legacy 1 Speaker | Journey

Join us as we take you on the journey from the written concept in this article through our speaker’s design, engineering, and crafting. It’s intended for everything from a conventional stereo system listening to vinyl recordings to the latest Dolby Atmos surround sound systems.

Our mission is to create functional art you can enjoy today, and that qualifies as part of your legacy to be given to a trusted family member or friend.

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Spectacular Smith Legacy 1 Speaker  |  Design 1
Spectacular Smith
Legacy 1 Speaker  |  Concept 2

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