Accuracy | Legacy 1 Speaker

In our earlier article, we covered the concept of our Legacy 1 speaker and how we used artificial intelligence (AI) to develop a unique loudspeaker. After completing our concepts, it was time to focus on what we wanted to achieve from an audio perspective. Our priority is Accuracy. The flattest possible frequency response curve, fast transients, with all reproducible frequencies […]

Leaving a Unique Legacy | Legacy 1 Speaker

What’s your legacy? The Oxford Dictionary defines legacy as “…the long-lasting impact of particular events, actions, etc. that took place in the past, or of a person’s life.” While some people equate a legacy to its other historical description: money, we look at it as something of substance that lasts a millennium and can be […]

Jekyll Rising | 2023 Custom Furniture Collection

As we begin design work on our 2023 Custom Furniture Collection, here’s a little background on our inspiration. (Continued after photo) Jekyll Rising | Custom Furniture Collection If you’re thinking of Jekyll and Hide, there is a literary connection but none related to our furniture design collection. Our inspiration is the world-renowned English garden designer Gertrude […]